Church nave with organ  ©D.Wadewitz

Church nave with organ ©D.Wadewitz

Urban-Kreutzbach organ Auenkirche Markkleeberg ©D.Kreusch

Urban-Kreutzbach organ Auenkirche Markkleeberg ©D.Kreusch

Organs & churches

The abundance of churches with historic organ architecture in the Leipzig region is extraordinary, and tells of the unique cultural tastes of previous centuries.
In many places, you can still hear the inimitable organ sounds of the 17th century. Otherwise unremarkable churches leave organ lovers amazed as they gaze up into the gallery. Silbermann, Hildebrandt & Co. leave behind wonderful treasures that Johann Sebastian Bach himself "acknowledged and praised as most beautifully made".

The fascinating world of organs

Ladegast-Orgel Naunhof ©D.Wadewitz
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Dom St. Marien in Wurzen©W. Siesing
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