Biergarten am Hafen Pier 1 (Beer garden at Pier 1)

The Biergarten am Pier1 has a great setting with Lake Cospuden and its harbour, lakeside sun terraces and holiday apartments as its backdrop. As well as freshly pulled beers, the beer garden offers the most delicious smoked trout, halibut, butterfish, fish rolls and hot fried fish too. And because the Pier 1 beer garden is on the Gose walking trail from Saxony-Anhalt to Saxony, there is also good old Döllnitzer Ritterguts-Gose on draught. Gose beer is traditionally served with raspberry, woodruff or caraway (Horn’s Leipziger Allasch).


- Visitor toilets available
- Children’s playground, water sports centre, car park including coaches


Opening hours

When the weather is fine the smoke house is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 14:00.




Address: Biergarten am Hafen Pier 1
Street/house no. Hafenstraße 23
Post code/city: 04416 Markkleeberg