Taucha Park Observation Tower

Taucha town park, formerly the König-Albert-Park, is an oasis of tranquillity with a wide range of tourist attractions. Work began on the park in 1896 and it was opened on 23 April 1898 to commemorate the 70th birthday and 25th jubilee of King Albert of Saxony. The Royal Forester of Wermsdorf acted as a specialist advisor to the town,
and initial planting of the historic Weinberg was overseen by Leipzig Forestry Advisor Kutschke. Of particular note amongst later developments are the musicians' terraces, rose gardens and two monuments. At the centre of the park, the observation tower that was opened on 8 May 1913 stands on the highest point of the Weinberg.

After climbing the 99 steps, visitors to the 16-m high platform (total height 22 m) are rewarded with a charming panorama over the town of Taucha and its surroundings. The observation tower was left to fall into decay several times. However, this culturally and historically significant building was completely renovated in 1995.

Opening hours

Saturday2 pm – 5 pm
Sunday2 pm – 5 pm

and by agreement at: + 49 34298 70162



€ 1.00

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€ 0.50




Address: Aussichtsturm am Stadtpark Taucha
Street/house no. Wurzener Straße
Post code/city: 04425 Taucha

Contact information

Telephone: +49 (0)34298 68207
website: www.taucha.de