Bistumshöhe Observation Tower

In order to create a striking feature in the area around this restored lake, which was completed in good time for Expo 2000, an attractive tower with an open timber construction was built on raised ground nearby. The "Bistumshöhe" mound was deliberately selected because it already had a viewpoint with a table and bench, from which to view the Zwenkau open cast mine. The origin of the term "Bistumshöhe" dates back to long ago, when this area is thought to have belonged to the Bishopric (Bistum) of Merseburg.

The tower itself does not have a name and was constructed in a short time on the south-western shores of Lake Cospuden. Constructed using the "Schlotbauweise" (chimney method), it aims to bring to mind the chimneys that used to characterise the landscape south of Leipzig, which have now almost all disappeared.

This highly robust and low-maintenance landmark is made from slow-growing Siberian larch and is open on all sides. It offers a fascinating view of Lake Cospuden and gives anyone who is interested the opportunity to view the Zwenkau and Espenhain mining areas, the reforested "Neue Harth" area and the Belantis amusement park. In good weather, you can also get an excellent view of all the sights and points of interest in Leipzig.

  • Height: 35 metres
  • Underground: 12 metres
  • Material: 48 ribs of slow-growing Siberian larch fixed to a spiral staircase made of steel; in an open timber structure
  • Surface area: 110 m²
  • Load: 500 kg per ground segment
  • Site: LMBV, Zwenkau mining area
  • Cost: 1.2M Deutsche Mark
  • Constructed: 18/04/2000 – 02/08/2000
  • Developer: City of Leipzig Parks Department
  • Planning: W. Sobek GmbH
  • Execution: Heinrich Rolfing GmbH, Stemwede

Opening hours

open all year round




Address: Aussichtsturm auf der Bistumshöhe
Street/house no. Bistumshöhe
Post code/city: 04442 Zwenkau