Bismarck tower on the Wachtelberg in Wurzen

Situated on the 148.5-metre Wachtelberg in the Wachtelberg-Mühlbachtal nature conservation area, construction of this 20-metre observation tower began in 1908, and the tower was opened on 1 April 1909. On clear days, the observation platform provides panoramic views of up to 40 km over the magnificent Mulde Valley. Inside the tower visitors can see an exhibition on the tower's 100-year history and the flora of the Central Mulde nature reserve. Guided tours of the nature reserve and the exhibition outside normal opening hours are available by arrangement with nature reserve staff.

Opening hours

April – May, September – October
and Easter


Sunday, holidays

1.30 pm – 4 pm

June – August


Sunday, holidays

3.30 pm – 6 pm




Address: Bismarckturm auf dem Wachtelberg
Street/house no. Am Wachtelberg 16
Post code/city: 04808 Wurzen