Eilenburg Sorbenturm (Sorb tower)

The Sorbenturm is part of the former castle complex of Ilburg, which was first documented in 961, considered today to be the year that Eilenburg was founded. The Sorbenturm is the only large-scale structure that remains of Ilburg. It was probably erected in the 12th century at the highest point of the 220-by-150-metre plateau and served as a lookout point and place of retreat. Later, probably in the 13th century, two further keeps were added, and the Sorbenturm lost its strategic significance and became a ruin. In the middle of the 19th century, it was therefore scheduled for demolition. However, Eilenburg's distinctive building was saved by local people and preserved. Today the tower is 16 metres high. Since 1863, it has served as an observation tower. It was reconstructed in 1997/98.

Opening hours

May – September



1 pm – 5 pm




Address: Sorbenturm
Street/house no. Schloßberg 3
Post code/city: 04838 Eilenburg