Oberholz Botanical Gardens

Perhaps you have wandered through the "Oberholz" in Grosspösna before. But have you visited the Botanical Gardens, with medicinal plants and herbs, just nearby?

This green oasis, established in 1936 as a teaching garden for pharmacists, allows nature lovers to discover interesting facts about the use of medicinal plants, now and in the past, and to admire the diversity of our indigenous flora and fauna. The collection includes more than 400 plants, some of which are still used in homoeopathic treatments and others that were formerly used in medicine, as well as various ornamental and pot plants.
You will also be able to see wild birds and insects and find bird, bat and insect boxes on the more mature trees.
Children will particularly enjoy the dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs in the petting zoo and all the different parakeets in the aviaries.

There is plenty of inspiration to be found for your own garden too: for instance, in the design of flowerbeds and ponds, and the construction of natural hedges and willow domes. Seeds, fresh and dried herbs, shrubs, seedlings, pot plants and bouquets are also available to buy.
The following guided tours of the garden are run on request:

  • Knowledge and traditions relating to medicinal plants
  • Medicinal plants and herbs in the Middle Ages
  • General knowledge and biology classes for schoolchildren
  • Organic farming
  • Plant families
  • Renewable resources
  • Fruits – edible or poisonous

Curious? Drop in. We're worth a visit!

Opening hours


8 am – 12 noon

Public holidays

10 am – 4 pm

May – September inclusive


Saturday – Sunday

10 am – 4 pm


Admission free






Address: Botanischer Garten Großpösna
Street/house no. Störmthaler Weg 2
Post code/city: 04463 Großpösna