Göschenhaus (Göschen house) and Seume Memorial and private classical garden

In 1795, Georg Joachim Göschen purchased a farmstead in Hohnstädt near Grimma. He used the house as a summer residence for his family. It was not long before the estate became popular as a meeting place for writers, including Friedrich Schiller, and friends of the Göschen family. The property of Göschen's descendants until 1934, the house was redesigned under its subsequent owner Renate Sturm-Francke, to return it to the style of Göschen's time, so that it could be opened to the public. Since 1995 the Göschenhaus has belonged to the town of Grimma, and as Germany's only publishing museum, has enriched the cultural life of the town.

Four rooms serve as a museum.
The former garden room, with a clay oven from 1798, reflects the lifestyle of the Biedermeier period. Many items owned by the Göschen family are on display. The bookcase houses a valuable collection of Göschen prints, along with works by and about Johann Gottfried Seume. The Seume Room is located in a hexagonal extension of 1853, furnished in the classical style and contains original pieces from Seume's own collection. Also on display are portraits of Seume, landscapes of Hohnstädt (as Göschen and Seume would have seen them), the earliest picture of the grave in Teplitz (today Teplice in the Czech Republic) and maps showing Seume's travels. The Kaminzimmer (fireplace room), with its valuable ceiling painting, antique furniture and other objects, is now a popular venue for "C-C-C" afternoons: culture, coffee and cake. Weddings, concerts, lectures and conferences are also held here. An extension houses a collection of 18th and 19th-century household items.

The 4,300 m² Göschen garden adjoining the house is now the only classical-style private garden from the 1800s left in Saxony. Göschen used the existing terraces, installed a stage and had a pavilion built in the style of a temple as a birthday present for his wife, Henriette. 

The Göschenhaus regularly hosts events, concerts and holiday activities for children.

Opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday

10 am – 5 pm

Saturday and Sunday

10 am – 5 pm

and by arrangement



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Address: Göschehaus & Seume-Gedenkstätte
Street/house no. Schillerstraße 25
Post code/city: 04886 Grimma

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