Canitz Park

The Canitz nature and history park lies on the banks of the Mulde and makes for a lovely stopping point on the Mulde cycle trail. Experience nature and history together. Discover the everyday lives of our forefathers, from the Stone Age all the way to the era of slavery.
You will unearth fascinating facts about the habitats of insects, from butterflies to bees, in the nature gardens. The themed gardens (including the scented garden, herb garden, organic garden and rose garden) will lure you back in all seasons.
A museum facility at the centre of the Canitz Park houses exhibitions on the history of settlement in the Mulde-Parthe area, forest and nature conservation in the Mulde river basin, and the conservation and production of drinking water. An exhibition by the Naturschutzbund (Nature Conservation Association) can also be seen here.
The facilities at Canitz are ideal for children's birthday celebrations and family and work parties, as well as seminars and workshops.

Opening hours

April – October


Monday – Thursday

10 am – 2 pm

Friday – Sunday
and public holidays

11 am – 6 pm




Address: Park Canitz
Street/house no. Canitz 20
Post code/city: 04808 Thallwitz OT Canitz