Dahlen Castle Gardens

Count von Bünau had these castle gardens and a grand avenue laid out in the English style in 1808. Towards the end of the 19th century, the park was re-landscaped to incorporate the Dahle floodplain. In spring, the park is a blaze of colour as thousands of anemones come into bloom. The park to the east of the former castle (now kept as a ruin) has one of the oldest tulip trees in Saxony. Other impressive features include the views of the Dahle floodplain landscape, the town hall, the castle terraces and the half-moon lake. There are also several ancient English oaks with trunks of 80–120 cm in diameter, lime trees and chestnut trees.

Opening hours

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Address: Schlosspark Dahlen
Street/house no. Schlossstraße
Post code/city: 04774 Dahlen