Wurzen Municipal Park

The Wurzen Municipal Park dates from 1879 and retains some of the features of a Volkspark (people's park) from the Gründerzeit period (second half of the 19th century), with the shade of its many trees providing an inviting space for a relaxed stroll.
The park is situated in the north of the town on 16 hectares of fields and has been a space for rest and relaxation enjoyed by both young and old since 1879. It was created by Kommerzienrat (honorary title, lit.commercial councillor) Juel, and extended over four construction phases. The idyllically situated lake, with fountains and a grotto, attracts many visitors. Well-tended paths provide inviting opportunities for strolls through the extensive woodland and expansive green spaces. The mediaeval-style round tower is made of rough stone with metal battlements and was erected in 1888. Two playgrounds are available for children, and sports enthusiasts will enjoy the tennis courts.

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Address: Stadtpark Wurzen
Street/house no. Juelstraße
Post code/city: 04808 Wurzen

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Tourist-Information Wurzen
Domgasse 2, 04808 Wurzen
Tel.: +49 (0)3425 8560400