Schkeudnitz Astronomy Center

The planetarium's 8-metre dome can show you the night sky, the moon and the planets at any point in time and from any point on the Earth or in the solar system. Its impressive shows with ethereal music give you the opportunity to discover fascinating facts about the sun, moon, stars and galaxies, and give realistic portrayals of comets, Jupiter's moons, shooting stars (meteors) and satellites. When the sky is clear, you can study the night sky and the sun from the observatory. 
The lecture room seats 32 and is principally used by Schkeuditz schoolchildren for astronomy lessons.
On the last Sunday of every month at precisely 4 pm, the the planetarium puts on regular events for children and adults. Advance booking is advised. Stargazing for all takes place between November and March on the first Friday of the month. It usually starts at 6 pm with an introductory presentation in the planetarium.
Additional stargazing sessions will be publicised under "public events" in the events calender and in the press.

Facilities and events:

  • Special educational programme for school groups of all ages including vocational trainees.
  • Events for all occasions for nursery schools, clubs, church groups, companies and private individuals, including weddings and birthdays, Christmas and children's parties.
  • Special guided tours during holidays or for special astronomical events.
  • Training sessions for student teachers and teachers
Special events can be arranged by contractual agreement with the Landratsamt Nordsachsen (North Saxony district office) and the Schkeuditz Astronomy Centre Observatory.

Opening hours

last Sunday of each month



€ 3.00

Children and young people up to 17 years old

€ 2.00

School groups

€ 1.00

Special events – minimum fee 

€ 25.00






Address: Astronomisches Zentrum
Street/house no. Bergbreite 1
Post code/city: 04435 Schkeuditz