Eilenburg castle grounds and underground system

Eilenburg Schlossburg (castle mount) may be considered one of the birthplaces of Saxony. For here, in 1089, the Wettin territorial state came into being, which eventually gave rise to today's Free State of Saxony. The legendary Eilenburg counts, who also play the central role in the fable of the little people of Eilenburg, had 829 years of rule by the powerful Wettin dynasty ahead of them. The Ilburg and the Sorbenturm (Sorb Tower), which is still standing today, were built here in the 10th century. The work of the Eilenburg Burgverein (castle association) has drawn public attention back to the grounds, which cover an area of around five hectares. Following the renovation of the Sorbenturm and the castle gate, the small keep and the castle walls were also repaired and the slope made safe. From the town centre, visitors can climb the one hundred steps to the circular walk around the castle grounds, which crosses the Luther Trail and the EILENBURG SCHLEIFE cycling circuit. The castle grounds also contain the Pension HEIDELBERGE, a renovated former prison that is now a guest house.
The entrances to Eilenburg’s underworld are located just a stone’s throw from the castle mount. From the Middle Ages, the vast underground system was used to store the delicious, long-lasting Eilenburg beer, which made a significant contribution to the prosperity of the town over many centuries. Later, the network of corridors was put to different uses, was extended and rebuilt, and finally in April 1945, became a place of refuge for several hundred Eilenburg residents from the artillery fire that almost destroyed the entire town.

Opening hours

Underground system:Guided tours on request from the town museum.
Sorbenturm (Sorb Tower):May to September
Sundays from 13:00 until 17:00




Address: Burggelände / Bergkelleranlagen
Street/house no. Schlossberg / Kellerstraße
Post code/city: 04838 Eilenburg