The crazy house

THE CRAZY HOUSE at nova I eventis turns everything topsy-turvy! This is a whole house turned completely upside down, with all of its furniture, including chairs, tables, toilets, lamps and cupboards, hanging from the "ceiling". Visitors can take in this imaginative spectacle over more than 120m² and two floors. Fantastic fun for young and old. And for an extra twist, the house is tilted by more than 6 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. Quite a challenge for your sense of balance! Other highlights include the house's distorting mirrors: one of them is even placed over the tops of visitors' heads. A surveillance camera rotates the picture on the television screen by 180 degrees, to complete the CRAZY HOUSE's disorientating effect. Immerse yourself in a spectacular upside-down world and really put your sense of balance to the test! Experience the world from another perspective!

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday
Saturday – Sunday

10 am – 8 pm


10 am – 10 pm


0–3 years



€ 5.00

5 or more people

€ 4.00 per




Address: Das verrückte Haus im Einkaufscenter nova I eventis
Post code/city: 06237 Schkeuditz