Waldheim underground cellar system

Take a guided tour of the cellars and descend into Waldheim’s underground. The cellars are the result of serpentinite mining, a mineral that was used as a building material and to produce objects and decorative items such as ink stands and dishes, etc. A maze of tunnels was created with a total length of over 800 m. The stone’s thermal behaviour (cooling in summer and heat-retaining in winter) led to the caverns being used for storing food. However, they also protected against danger. The system is now heritage-protected and interested parties can visit a 200 m long section, which has been made safe using wooden struts and shotcrete. Interested parties should contact the cultural centre in Waldheim.

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Address: Kellerberg Waldheim
Post code/city: 04736 Waldheim

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Waldheimer Kulturzentrum
Gartenstr. 42, 04736 Waldheim
Tel. +49 (0)34327 57234