“Yuri Gagarin” observatory, Eilenburg

The Yuri Gagarin Observatory in Eilenburg has been an important destination for astronomy enthusiasts since 1964. Situated on Mansburg, the planetarium dome has a diameter of 6 metres and can accommodate a total of 40 people. There are talks appropriate for school children and family presentations, which are open to the public. There are also regular observation evenings between October and March. The powerful, computerised reflector telescope gives spectators an excellent view of the night sky.

The size and extent of our planetary system is set out on the 2.8 kilometre planetary walking trail, which starts at Eilenburg Zoo to the south-west and ends at Bobritzsch Dam.


- Visitor toilets available

Opening hours

See diary of events or by arrangement


Children and young people up to 17 years old€2.00
School groups€1.00
Special events – minimum fee €25.00




Address: Sternwarte "Juri Gagarin"
Street/house no. Mansberg 18
Post code/city: 04838 Eilenburg