Schladitzer Bucht (©S. Flad)


At Schladitz Bay, situated on Lake Schladitz, there is plenty of variety for visitors from near or far who are seeking recreation and exercise. As well as bathing and swimming, visitors can also take advantage of a wide range of activities, including water sport lessons, beach volleyball and beach handball. The proximity of Lake Schladitz to Rackwitz and its infrastructure has made it an attractive and easily accessible destination for everyone.

The historic church buildings in Podelwitz and Kreuma, Zschortau Castle and Rackwitz town hall are also all worth a visit. A further attraction is the Johann Gottlob Mende organ at the village church in Podelwitz. Many cultural events are on offer at Bunte Bühne Biesen. During the summer months, events move to the stage on Biedermeier beach at Lake Schladitz.