Spa and tourist information, Bad Lausick

Bad Lausick’s spa and tourist information centre is located centrally near the town hall and the market. The building is wheelchair-accessible. Extensive information and comprehensive advice about the spa town and the region are provided.


Extensive free information about Bad Lausick and the surrounding area
Sale of postcards, hiking and cycling maps, souvenirs from Bad Lausick and Saxony, traditional wood carvings
Organisation of: Guided tours of the town, slide shows on Bad Lausick, themed tours such as herb hikes
Advance tickets for events in Bad Lausick and the region (e.g. Colditz Castle, Böhlen cultural centre)
Organisation of wellness packages



Rotes i (red “i” symbol of the German Tourism Association)


Opening hours

Monday–Friday8:30–13:00 and 14:00–17:00
Closed on public holidays




Address: Kur- und Touristinformation Bad Lausick
Street/house no. Straße der Einheit 17
Post code/city: 04651 Bad Lausick