Wermsdorf tourist information

Welcome to the resort town of Wermsdorf

First documented in 1206, Wermsdorf’s nationwide renown today is thanks to its beautiful landscape and interesting Saxon history. The Saxon rulers and Augustus the Strong are known to have sought relaxation in Wermsdorf. Wermsdorf has now held the title of “Nationally recognised resort town” since 2004. Here you can relax like royalty and take advantage of the wide range of attractions on offer. Our tourist information centre is located in the Altes Jagdschloss (“old hunting lodge”), which is the older and smaller of the two Wermsdorf lodges. We will be pleased to give you information and to answer any questions to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


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Opening hours

Plus, May to September: 
Saturday and holidays10:00–13:00


Address: Tourist-Information Wermsdorf
Street/house no. Altes Jagdschloss 1
Post code/city: 04779 Wermsdorf