Kontor Zwenkau tourist information

Since May 2014, our KONTOR TOURIST OFFICE has been happy to answer your questions about Lake Zwenkau, the MS Santa Barbara, the area surrounding the lake and Leipzig New Lakeland. Our assistants are available to answer your queries and give advice from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 until 18:00 during the summer season, which runs from May until October.
Of course, the KONTOR TOURIST OFFICE has more to offer than just answering questions. We also provide:

Ticket sales for the MS Santa Barbara
Information about Lake Zwenkau, Kap Zwenkau and the MS Santa Barbara
Information about the town of Zwenkau, the region and Leipzig New Lakeland
Materials for purchase (such as maps)
Pre-sale of admission tickets for the Belantis theme park
The KONTOR TOURIST team is looking forward to your visit!

Opening hours

May – October 


Address: Tourist-Konotor Zwenkau
Street/house no. Hafenstraße 1
Post code/city: 04442 Zwenkau

Contact person

KONTOR TOURIST is operated by Sächsisches Seebad Zwenkau GmbH & CO KG. Hafenstraße 1, 04442 Zwenkau.